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Top 10 Things to Do in Uptown

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Top 10 Things to Do in Uptown

Charlotte is known for NASCAR, Chiquita bananas, and great universities. However, there is much more to see in this intellectual, historic city. The following are some of the top things to do in Uptown during a visit.

1) Freedom Park
If you're the type to enjoy sightseeing and the outdoors, Freedom Park might be the best spot in all of Charlotte to spend your day at. From hiking trails and picnic spots to children's playgrounds and open fields of green grass, there is something for everyone at Freedom Park.

Discovery Place2) Discovery Place
Discovery Place is a big tourist attraction in Charlotte, and it will prove to be plenty of fun for the child in you. This science museum is fit for kids and adults alike, and it features awesome exhibits like the informational 3D theater, the underwater world aquarium, and a rainforest's re-creation.

3) Billy Graham Library
If you are optimistic about the future and believe that you have a bigger purpose in life, you will probably enjoy the Billy Graham Library. This notable messenger of God preached about the goodness of faith and hope and brought many skeptics to the light. Through slideshows, movie documentaries, and other
exhibits, you will learn about this amazing man and his impact on the city of Charlotte.

4) Hendrick Motorsports Complex
Motorheads will feel at home in this automobile-centered museum. From historic models to the most cutting-edge modern vehicles, there is a wide variety of things on wheels for you to see. NASCAR fans will surely get a kick out of this car-lover's paradise.

NASCAR Hall of Fame5) NASCAR Hall of Fame
For NASCAR lovers, there may not be anything more exciting to do in Charlotte than to spend the day at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Learn about the history of the sport, participate in ride simulators, explore automotive exhibits, and pick up a gift at this museum dedicated to the greatest race car drivers who ever lived.

6) Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
If you want to experience the best Broadway has to offer while you're in town, head on over to the beautiful Blumenthal Performing Arts Center for a show that will blow your mind. From Beauty and the Beast and Lion King to Jersey Boys and symphony orchestra concerts, you will be thoroughly entertained with every visit to this performance hall.

7) Mint Museum Uptown
If you appreciate art, the Mint Museum Uptown has one of the most impressive collections in the area. You will witness works from African artists that were designed from everyday objects, wooden sculptures from all over the world, and even an antique pin collection from Madeleine Albright. Five levels of interesting creations make up this fascinating museum.

8) US National Whitewater Center
If you have the need for an adrenaline rush, this outdoor recreational facility will provide you with all the tools to get that heart beating at 100 mph. Popular attractions include: whitewater rafting, kayaking, hiking, zip lines, mountain biking, rope climbing, and paddle-boarding.

Bank of America Stadium9) Bank of America Stadium
Are you a football fanatic? Cheer for The Panthers at the famous Bank of America Stadium. This arena has hosted some of the most epic football showdowns of all time. If you want to experience real football, get your tickets ahead of time to see two major rivals clash in this Uptown coliseum.

10) Dana Rader Golf School
Golf is one of the most popular pastimes in all of North Carolina. Take a tour of a place that transforms amateurs into professionals. While you're at the golf school, sign up for a class to brush up on your swing.

As you can see, there are several activities in Uptown Charlotte. Can you think of some other popular area attractions that we might have missed?!

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